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The beauty of a traditional metal roof is unparalleled. Its gleaming finish and robust protection make it a choice for those who appreciate a blend of ageless elegance and uncompromising durability.

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A traditional metal roof utilises enduring metals such as copper, zinc, or steel fashioned using time-honoured techniques. These roofs are not only historically significant but offer durability and aesthetic value, often gracing heritage and period structures.

Metal roofs require minimal maintenance. However, it’s good practice to check for debris or signs of corrosion periodically. For specific maintenance advice tailored to your roof, please consult with our team.
Absolutely! ERBS prides itself on offering bespoke roofing solutions. We understand that every building is unique, so we liaise with architects and tailor our services to meet individual project requirements.
Our team undergoes rigorous training, ensuring every installation adheres to the highest health and safety standards. Additionally, metal roofs are fire-resistant and can handle harsh environmental conditions, ensuring the safety of the building’s occupants.
We predominantly work with copper, zinc, and steel, given their long-lasting properties and timeless appeal. However, we’re flexible and can discuss other metal options if you have a specific preference.
The installation duration varies based on the project’s size and complexity. After assessing your property and understanding your needs, our team can provide a more accurate timeline.
Yes, in many cases, a metal roof can enhance property value. Their durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal make them a sought-after feature for many prospective buyers, especially for heritage properties.

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